Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez – New Classic

Check out the new video for Drew Seeley and Selena Gomez’s New Classic from the hit movie Another Cinderella Story! Click here to purchase the video from iTunes: itunes.apple.com Click here to purchase the song from iTunes: itunes.apple.com Click here to see more videos from Another Cinderella Story starring Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez: www.youtube.com Click here to purchase the CD: www.musicspace.com


  1. CassFrass11 says:

    Love this song..He`s so hot..2nd best Cinderella movie ever!!

  2. shakiracheese says:

    it’s so great

  3. damon0123 says:


  4. GurlsxDoxItxBetter says:

    damn hes hott

  5. babygirltext15 says:

    LOVEE IT ! hes sooo cute ! 😀

  6. ZacAndLeoLover says:

    the girl hes following isnt selena, if thats the girl youre talking about

  7. ZacAndLeoLover says:


  8. miniteen59 says:

    They should of shown her face more. it is their song. they should of had her sing in it to not just him. But I still love the video and song. And I love drew and selena

  9. miniteen59 says:

    the first hsm he didn’t and other 2 he did. I heard he didn’t sing in the first one cause he’s voice was still changing. it didn’t show when he talked but when he sung it showed. that’s just what I heard

  10. TotalyxDisneyxStars says:

    i love another cinderella story and realy admire how good Selena and Drew play and sing its such a good movie^^

  11. xNiKKixThExCuTiEx says:

    Drew Seeley

  12. Demilove10 says:

    is that selena?

  13. Muqaddas0001 says:


  14. ceasarization1 says:

    lov the selena!!!!!

  15. dedelove334 says:

    ha ha ha! the end was so funny!

  16. drew sings in the tour not the movies

  17. Miressa96 says:

    but..so zac did not sang in hsm?? and then he can’t sing?? or yes??? O.O

  18. Sunny48Toph says:

    Drew Seeley & Selena Gomez are cute together =]

  19. It’s so obvious it’s not selena.
    It would be better if she was in here…

  20. iloveclarkk says:

    Damn he’s fine looking, that Drew Seeley:P Yeahh that is kinda odd that they didnt actually pet Selena in the Vid. specially when its both of them singing it. And pointer, for those who would think its *** or something for a guy to like dancing,it isnt i would say its pretty cool, knowing that there are and can be guys out there that do it,that enjoy it for fun,pleasure,or most likely as a career. It’s pretty awesome.Love the song tho for sure..heh its pretty hip,and makes you kinda wanna move!!

  21. LiLgEeKpRiNzEsS says:

    the camera was all over the place… it never seemed to stay on one scene for long.

    This vid was alright but i wish they put selena in it

  22. Sportsrulz25 says:


  23. LexyLuvsVanillaShake says:

    if selena was actually in this vid it would have been so much better than just adding her in digitally… =/
    but this song is really good
    and i personally think that drew is so much better then zac efron
    anyways, great song! 😀

  24. laboiatheart says:

    i have a couple problems with this video & song lol.
    first, does anybody else still feel that disney tried to rip us off and still has not really acknowleged that this was zach’s voice in HSM 1? second, selena obviously wasn’t there for this video, they added her in voice and in the video.
    sorta great song, but ehh.

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