Does Jennette McCurdy (Sam from iCarly) really have a twin sister?

Just a few minutes ago, I was watching the newest iCarly episode. The one where Freddie doesn’t believe Sam has a twin. Then you see Melanie and Sam together. In real life, does she really have a twin sister?

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  1. Alexandria J says:

    Jennette did photoshop the exact same thing as lindsay lohan , u can have photoshop also all u have to do is go to google and search download photoshop it’s really cool u can change your haircolor , enhance your chest , change your eye color and more .

  2. Gnomes are sexy says:

    Yeah, i think she does, i just watched it to

  3. KillahCrayon(: says:


    She only has 3 older brothers.

  4. No, it’s called camera trickery.
    If you’ve seen ‘The Parent Trap’, you’ll see what I mean..

  5. Emily ●•·нєαятz·•● says:

    no. just 3 brothers

    McCurdy was born in Garden Grove, California and has three older brothers. She gained interest in acting after watching Harrison Ford in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. She started her acting career at the age of eight.

  6. disney/nick rock Fan says:

    No she doesn’t. They use Green Screen / something like that. To show two of them….
    That was a funny Episode.

  7. Everyone is just Breaking hearts says:

    No, they used either, green screen technology where they can show things that arent really there. Or camera trickery where they can double things,

  8. I watched it too, and I don’t think she really has a Sister, maybe but I don’t know for sure, and I think Melonie is HOT and dresses better than Sam!

  9. No, its sort of like the parent trap….lindsey lohan does not have a twin either

  10. Melissa says:

    Jennette McCurdy does not have a twin, she has three older brothers.
    Sam Puckett (the character from iCarly) does have a twin sister.
    Her name is Melanie and she has not been shown on iCarly before because she goes to a boarding school. Sam hasn’t mentioned her before because she doesn’t like her. They are complete opposites – Sam gets horrible grades and has horrible behavior. Melanie gets perfect grades and never misbehaves.

  11. Sebastian S says:

    idk but i think that melonie is HOT as hell

  12. I think yes

  13. nope, :))

  14. understanding says:

    I thought it looked so real! because usually you’ll see like an outline if it was fake, but if you look her up on wikipedia, it states she has only threee older brothers

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