Do you like Miley Cyrus's new line of clothing? If you do what is your favorite shirt or pants?

I loveeeeeeee Miley Cyrus!!! I got her "Call Me" t-shirt, converse T, the Flag and purple cheetah pants.

miley cyrus clothing


  1. JanaPants <3 says:

    I dont like Miley Cyrus, but i love the line. I just got a pair of cheetah converse. I think its cute. I really like the designer Max Azria.

    Hope i helped!
    Good luck!

  2. Ricache says:

    Yes i do i think theyre cute i think the butterfly shirt is cute and the one with the microphone OH and i love the pants…but i didnt buy aanything i wuz gonna buy the butter fly one but NOPPEEE

  3. peace-love-shop! says:

    i like her flannel shirt. it might not be flannel though, but it’s yellow

  4. Wanna Get High? says:

    No I do not.

  5. I only like the Yellow Fannel shirt other people were talking about.. I dont really know what the other ones look like..

  6. Me Want Cookie! says:

    no i hate her

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