Corbin Bleu – Push It To The Limit

Corbin Bleu – Push It To The Limit Music Video


  1. he is so cute and beautiful……i love this song….

  2. XxBumnaxX says:

    the film Jump In

  3. AcousticInMe says:

    from where is the clips here??

  4. angeliquelucky1 says:

    HE IS SO CUTE! omg, love this song really! (l)

  5. carjune4356 says:

    last time i heard this song was when it first came out back when i watched disney channel lol, my lil sis is like “u have to watch this” and i finally gave in and realized what it was lol

  6. alieprincess123 says:

    PUSH IT! LOL sounds so wrong

  7. 5onthouden5 says:

    wow! this *****!

  8. nhlandrei says:

    he look like a mop :)))=))

  9. ThePffffffffff says:

    like your hair 😀 😀 😀

  10. chriesanthy says:

    love you corbin

  11. GeoBunny27 says:

    SO ***!!

  12. Mardfefa says:

    hit up chilltones (.) com for this tone they are the only one iv found that has it!

  13. psihateyou1 says:

    LOL hes such an orea its hilarious

  14. Sadie3636 says:

    dude hes mine ya`ll

  15. MANiNiCOlE says:

    i met corbin bleu’s dad!!!!!!!!!!!!


  17. firesword206 says:

    So awesome!

  18. FasTutorials says:

    awesomeee :)

  19. topmaritop says:

    love it !!!

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