Corbin Bleu – Moments That Matter – Official Music Video

Corbin Bleu’s new video for “Moments That Matter” off of his album Speed of Light. In Stores NOW!


  1. mangorachey says:

    He looks like a mini Lenny Kravits ( however you spell it ). lol..

  2. sockmonkey250 says:

    i luv him but it kinda unfortanatly looks like hes lip singing

  3. samdaladam says:

    Do you think Vanessa Hudgens listened to this song?
    And what do you think she thinks of this song??

  4. sheriajames says:

    i love this song

  5. x3AyeBayBayx3 says:

    i agree (;

  6. iheartmusic00000 says:

    He look different from High School Musical.

  7. samdaladam says:

    Corbin should sing another song with vanessa hudgens but this time with a music video!!!!!

    great song

  8. flavaflow4 says:

    why is everyone talking about ringtones?

  9. luismiguelvenceslau says:

    amazing on how all da disney stars once their contrats with disney end show themselves as completely differnet people. just look at vanessa hudgens and miley cyrus

  10. Doppelwooper says:

    I love this song.! *_*

  11. crazynickjonasfan101 says:

    he’s adorable!!

  12. hsmfreak1000 says:

    amazing song!!!

  13. bluepopz says:

    nice song

  14. kellyhandphoebet says:

    man he can be the next michael jackson cuz his vioce is kinda like michaels

  15. xxxchocolatebunny says:

    he sound like michael jackson

  16. MayLAfeline2121 says:

    He reminds me of a young Michael Jackson so much. His voice, his sound, even his performing. And that’s not really a bad thing considering the fact that Michael is like THE greatest performer that ever lived.

  17. hellsinki28 says:

    wasnt that little girl ganna ask for his autograph or something like that

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