Corbin Bleu “Deal With It” Music Video

Corbin’s second single and video from his debut cd Another Side. In stores now.


  1. I remember this

  2. SilencedXherO says:

    sounds like one of usher’s song

  3. lowennnnnn says:

    this is way better for corbin :) he’s a beaut

  4. kimpolly says:

    filipino tau,, infairness!kiLala nten ang shinee..hehe

    i Love shinee!!!!

    saranghae onew oppa!!!

  5. XiahIsALLAH says:

    haha I like the juliet version better.

  6. mori13chan says:

    this is the 1st time I heard this..’many people said that SHINee’s Juliette soooo resembles this song..’
    haha.!and they’re right.!
    i like this song..’
    but SHINee’s version is better for me..’XD

  7. mori13chan says:

    it is “Show the World” by Martin Hoberg..’

  8. treasuredforever says:

    when i heard that it was 1st release by corbin bleu hehehe then after shinee retake it as juliette hehehe.. so i watch it hehehe… still is cool…but i am used to listening to shinee’s juliette hehehe

  9. MonchRukia says:

    wooow. what was the title of the remake of “love like oxygen”? wanna hear it :)

  10. MonchRukia says:

    wooow… its just awesome.. !! I both like shinee and corbin’s version.. :)

  11. luvinmybaby1 says:

    My boyfriend looks like corbin bleu!!!!!!! Dont believe me add my myspace and u can see pictures of him. send me a message and ill give u the link. :):)

  12. sauske6978 says:

    i never knew this had the same beat as shinee juilette but i like shinees version better

  13. kikyorules10 says:

    Shinee totally stole it but the choreography in their vid is awesome!

  14. mallowland says:

    uhm yes! SHINee made a remake from that song. and they made a remake from a swedish singer (I forgot his name) to “love like oxygen”
    but I think Shinee’s songs are better xD

  15. hahah corbin didnt steal it
    shinee did a remake of this song

  16. TheAlbert17 says:

    This is cool

  17. rentxisxlifex says:

    my korean friend was showing me the shinee song and i was like.. i have DEFINTELY heard this somewhere… and then i was like… corbin stole it and no one here noticed!!!

  18. tkangels4ever says:

    nice song~ but I think Shinee did better~;)

  19. princessprettyrose says:

    plz go to my channel and comment

  20. CrazyAsianLove says:

    HOLY Sniggles hey my brother said they copied did they i dnt believe it i love SHINEE

  21. xXStarKingXx says:

    1:38 – DBSK’s Mirotic **** Chin Dance?
    hahahaha XDDD
    I like SHINee’s version better.

  22. STraWbERry248 says:

    oh wow~~ i couldnt help myself from singing juliet XD

  23. julieandlinda says:

    lolss this song came out like 2 years ago O.O i just watched shinee’s perf, when the song LITERALLY just started, i was like OMG THIS SONG SOUNDS SOO FAMILIAR. rofll. i love both versions.

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