Sugar rush- Cash Cash?

Does anyone know the lyrics to Sugar Rush by Cash Cash?

big time rush lyrics

Lil'Kim Lyrics Quiz?!?!?(HARD)?

Please list the song lyrics listed!
Lighters Up
Magic Stick
Shake Ya Bum Bum
No Matter What They Say
How Many Licks?
Big Momma Thang

big time rush lyrics

Can You PLEASE name this song, band or lyrics for me!?

I saw a video with a band, 4 members all guys, who were singing about a girl that the lead singer liked. They followed her down the hall while the lead singer wistfully sang about her and the band members were throwing something back and forth. for the life of me I can’t remember who sings the song, what the words are or what the song was called. Then they sang about it in the school quad on a stage of sorts, with a keyboard. NAME THIS SONG PLEASE! I Think I liked it, and I want to know the name
The title may have been a girls name. And there was at least one diverse band member.

big time rush lyrics

what song is this from these lyrics?

one love one shot thats all weve ever got girl you got me started and nowim never gonna stop

o girrly girlly come and dance with me

thats how some of it goes

one love one shot thats all weve ever got girl you got me started and nowim never gonna stop

o girrly girlly come and dance with me

thats how some of it goes
and whats the myspace link for this song?

big time rush lyrics

Opinions on my song lyrics please?

So thank you, firstly, and secondly please tell me what you like/dont like/would change, if I remind you of any singer/songwriter styles or what a good title would be? Thanks:)

It’s hard to feel anything
When everything is broke

It’s hard to see those city lights
When all the blinds are closed

It’s hard to paint a picture
When all you know is black and white

And it’s hard to change perspective
When everything looks right

I can’t forget you
If I can’t forget it all

I can’t climb up those steps
If I’m afraid I’ll fall

When all those city lights
Are nothing but a blur

Its hard to see what’s real
drunk on who I thought you were

Where did you go
Because I’m not too sure myself
Were you even there
Or just a fiction that I dreamt

Are you scared confused
Do you hide from what you know
I don’t know the answers
But I’ll still love you even though

You make mistakes
even the best of us do
but even though
Even though
Even though…

I’ll still love you

It’s hard to love April now when
All I see is rain

It’s hard to break away
When I can’t reduce the pain

Walking step by step
Is hard when you forget

To remember
Just how this road will end

Cause where did you go?
I’m not too sure myself
Were you even there
Or just a fiction that I dreamt

Are you scared confused
Do you hide from what you know
I don’t know the answers
But I still love you even though

You turn on fate
Even the best of us do
But even though
Even though
Even though…

I still love you…

I’m lost and alone
Without a heart to my name
Because you left without return
Of anything but pain

And you never knew
I loved you like I do
Before you walked away
So now where are you

Where are you…
The real you

big time rush lyrics

What song do these lyrics come from?

I heard a song and what’s its title and who is it by?
I don’t give a —- keep staring at my — keep staring at my —

big time rush lyrics

Can you critique my lyrics?

TITLE: Live It

Have you ever asked the question
Why was I the one chosen for selection
The one to have a life and to give one
The answer is because you’re a someone

Have you ever asked what do I do with my life
Have you ever wondered what would happen if you died
The answer is to give and recieve
The answer is to learn acceptance, not greed

Give a life and then save another
Have a few beers and marry each other
Help out with charity and life donations
Have a successful occupation

Learn to aspire to be
Something you’re kids would like to see
Make something worthy about yourself
Before you die and people inspire and help

To practice peace and tranquility
To hold hands and join the Earth in serenity
Make treaties worldwide
Do something that would last worthwile


You can make a difference
You can create a life
Don’t follow the crowd, don’t make yourself indifferent
You can make something worthy of yourself before you die

Even if you have secrets reveal them
Because living a double life isn’t worth it now and wasn’t worth it then
Be honest and go far in life
Always be accepting to challenges and don’t live a lie

Families have it rough, but you have it easy
Be appreciative and listen to your soul and you’ll see
That once you be true to you, everything falls into place
If you neglect your parents advice, you’ll fall flat on your face

So don’t keep asking, but your life is worth it
Don’t listen to anyone else, and just live it


There comes a point in life when you’ve outgrown the luxuries
There comes a time in life when you learn the Eartrh life isn’t pretty
Because there’s a whole other world that has your name written on it
Now make something useful and once you succeed, you flaunt it

You can hold the victory crown if you just give back and you’ll see what’s there
If you follow the steps your parents have taught you, life will be like walking on air
If you’re a musician, write something for people to talk about
Instead of topics about scandalism, write about meaningful songs

Life is like a rock climbing wall
If you take your steps, you’re not bound to fall
When you climb all the way through
You’ll feel like you’ve done something too


You have something that’s worth it
It’s a life-
You have something that’s worth it
It’s worth it to die

Stop asking questions
Because you have a life that’s worth it
You are the selection
Now, go on to live

big time rush lyrics

Rate this lyrics out of 10?

i got big dreams, bigger than my present troubles
and its so big, everytime it friggin doubles
in my mind, i already won the battle
screaming yeah, waving flag in the air
big diamond crown resting on my head
glory, victory, wins in my every steps
but thats happening just in my head
while i am taking a nap in my bed
cleaning my taste buds to get the taste
meaning im putting my fates up in the test
and ima be testing them just so bad
cuz i got destination but not a map
energy so much, hot blood is flowing on
adrenaline rushes, not in verge of slowing down
nowhere near yet, but i can take it just so far
think to do it now, but don’t know where to start??
Actually i already recorded the song:

big time rush lyrics

what's your fav. lyrics?

i dont really have one….
anyways tell me your

big time rush lyrics

t.i. clean song lyrics (dead and gone) 10 pts!!!?

hey. im doing a paper for school and i wanted to do it on t.i’s ‘dead and gone’ song lyrics but there is a lot of cursing. i was wondering if anyone knew where i could find the CLEAN and EDITED version of dead and gone.

thanks =)

10 points 4 best answer!!!
i need 2 print out the lyrics and give them 2 my teacher. so they cant have cursing in them… thats y i need the clean version

big time rush lyrics