How can I be like Selena Gomez?

How can I be as grounded, wholesome, and friendly like Selena Gomez?

selena gomez

Shoulder length Selena Gomez hairstyes?

I have seen Selena Gomez with her hair in several different lengths. I would like a pictureof her with bangs and hair that is a few inches from her shouLders. I can’t post a picof myself, but I look kind of like her but I’m tanner and I have a more square jaw.My hair is almost black.

Thanks 😀

selena gomez

Where can send letter to Selena Gomez & get autograph picture?

Where can i get autograph picture of Selena Gomez?

selena gomez

selena gomez??????????????????????????????????????????

ok so i wanna know if you guys are a fan of selena gomez and why you like her?! give atleast 3 reasons why!

selena gomez

i need some pics of selena gomez with short hair?

i need a selena gomez pic but with short hair ar meduim hair!thnx!

selena gomez

Taylor swift or Selena gomez?

Who’s better Selena Gomez or Taylor Swift?

selena gomez

SELENA GOMEZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!?

I AM 17 LIKE SELENA gomez music dnt know if i should tell my frends or let them find out by them selfs i am a guy i play soccer i am a goalkeeper what do you think about me be honset

selena gomez

selena gomez???

do you think selena gomez will ever become as popular as miley cyrus or hannah montana? im starting to like her better than miley so far.
i really like miley and she didnt take slutty pics. some of us answering pics have sleep overs and pose for pics worse so dont be hating on her hate yourself.

selena gomez

Selena Gomez!!!!!?

I love how Selena Gomez and other Disney channel start dess!!
I’m going to change my style to a mix of Preppy, Punk, ang girlie!! I really look up to Selena Gomez she is one of my biggest role models!!! I think if I tried hard enough I can put together really cute outfits but the biggest problem I have, is trouble with layers what colors go good with what and what are different styles should I try!!!Links are welcome!!!

here are some of my fav out fits of theres!!!

here are some more outfits I like!!
this is one of my favs

another one of my favs
Selena Gomez


selena gomez

Who's prettier? Selena gomez or Jamie Spears?

selena gomez